Where we work

On this page you can find an overview of the locations we work in across Vietnam.

Safe vegetables

Rikolto is currently working with 10 vegetable-producing farmer organisations across three provinces and one city: Da Nang, Ha Nam, Phu Tho, and Vinh Phuc. Our interventions are taking place in the following locations:

  • Cam Le district, Da Nang city
  • Hoa Phong commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city
  • Hoa Nhon commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city
  • Binh Luc district, Ha Nam province
  • Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province (organic farming)
  • Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province
  • Lam Thao district, Phu Tho province
  • An Duong district, Vinh Phuc province
  • Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province
  • Tam Duong district, Vinh Phuc province

Our projects on safe vegetables focus on supporting farmers to produce vegetables according to the BasicGAP safety standard and to set up Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) to verify their compliance with the standard. We support farmer organisations to build their capacity for marketing, production planning, business and organisational management, and to improve market linkage. The results of our interventions with farmer organisations are thoroughly documented and are used as evidence for advocacy towards the recognition of PGS by authorities.

Sustainable rice

In 2017, Rikolto is supporting 1,056 rice farmers in the following 2 locations:

  • Thanh Ba district, Phu Tho province
  • Tri Ton district, An Giang province

Our activities in the rice subsector focus on supporting the development of inclusive business models and practices between farmers and rice companies, improving livelihoods for farmers, and increasing sustainability throughout the value chain. Through our participation in Rikolto's International Rice Cluster, we aim to contribute to testing innovative practices and building evidence to help answer crucial questions in the rice sector.

Sustainable tea

Rikolto was the National Coordinator for Vietnam of the project “Mainstreaming Sustainable Management of Tea Production Landscapes” managed by Rainforest Alliance and funded by the Global Environment Facility. The project started in December 2015 and will run until 31 March 2018. In 2016, 2,273 farmers were trained on sustainable land management practices in 3 provinces in Northern Vietnam.

  • Lai Chau province
  • Yen Bai province
  • Thai Nguyen province

Food Smart City

Between 2017 and 2021, Rikolto will work with Da Nang to help the city transition towards a Food Smart City. Our work will initially focus on developing and strengthening sustainable safe vegetable value chains, supporting consumers to claim their right to safe food, and improving the enabling environment for food safety.