Global Annual Report 2021: Harvest, Learn, Grow

Global Annual Report 2021: Harvest, Learn, Grow


2021: Harvest, Learn, Grow

"Rikolto means harvest in the Esperanto language. 2021 was a year full of harvest, marked the end of our 5-year programme cycle."

Chris Claes - Rikolto´s executive director

Up until the edition of 2019, Rikolto drafted its Annual Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). As part of our new strategy development for 2022-2026, we undertook an external stakeholder consultation in January 2021. 37 stakeholders representing funders, private companies, farmer cooperatives, sector platforms, city governments, investors etc. from all regions we are active in provided their feedback on our new strategy, our data and reporting system and the Annual Report specifically. The aim hereof was a new list of ‘material’ aspects Rikolto would report on, in line with the GRI standard.

However, the external stakeholder consultation has shown us that the large majority of our stakeholders do not consider the GRI standard as an added value for organisations like Rikolto. For this reason, we have decided to abandon the GRI standard in our annual reporting. We remain committed to transparency and integrity and see this as an opportunity to improve and innovate our reporting practices, specifically as we start implementing our new strategy.