Watch the movie « Feeding Hanoi »

Watch the movie « Feeding Hanoi »

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How to feed 7.5 million people in Hanoi in a safe and sustainable way? Answering this crucial question is the at the centre of the movie “Feeding Hanoi”, directed by Michiel Crijns. The movie was produced after 12 Belgian volunteers visited VECO Vietnam’s projects in preparation for their role as ambassadors in VECO Belgium’s fundraising campaign in January 2017.

You can now watch the full movie “Feeding Hanoi” that tells the story of Ms Yen, a proud farmer from Trac Van, Ha Nam province, who made the switch to organic farming to increase her income and protect her family’s health.

Ms Yen is a member of the Trac Van Collaborative Group, a farmer organisation composed of 26 farmers who decided two years ago to produce healthy organic vegetables, without agricultural chemicals. In Hanoi, the group’s vegetables are sold to the organic and safe food supermarket chain ‘Bac Tom’, especially popular with young families concerned about their children’s health.

The full movie has been screenedin schools in Belgium in the past weeks and is now available to the general public.

Safe and organic vegetables in Vietnam

Together with the Trac Van farmers and Ha Nam’s Women Union, VECO Vietnam set up a local “Participatory Guarantee System” (PGS), an innovative and smallholder farmer-friendly quality assurance standard that guarantees the quality of organic vegetables and supports better livelihoods for farmers. Visit our project page to find out more about VECO Vietnam’s activities in the safe and organic vegetables sector.

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